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shanti nag champa Shanti (Nag Champa)

With a woody base, and blended beautifully with rose and jasmine, this fragrance has its roots in the traditional temple fragrance of India, and is reminiscent of the classic Nag Champa incense of old.

It is based on the sweet and delicate aroma of the Indian golden Champa flower, also known as the flower of paradise. Shanti is ideal for use in meditation or for unwinding and relaxing.

If you love our Shanti, we recommend you also try the Lakshmi in our full India Fragrances range.

The Shanti was previously known as Shanti Nag Champa, we thought it a bit of a mouthful, so we changed the name.


shanti nag champa box of 20 sticks TMIFNC Shanti 20 sticks heartplastic freevegan £ 3.50
shanti nag champa cones TMIFNCCO Shanti 12 cones plastic freevegan £ 3.50
shanti nag champa mini sticks TMIFNCMINI Shanti 12 mini sticks plastic freevegan £ 1.50


heart= for every packet sold, we will give 5p to charity. plastic free= plastic free. vegan = suitable for vegans.


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What people say about our Shanti Nag Champa:

"I first came across the Mother India Shanti Nag Champa at a Health Show.  It really is the most beautiful incense I have ever used and surpasses all other brands of Nag Champa.  As soon as I light it, the stressed-out day at work just disappears- it's bliss. No wonder it's called Peace!" (A.F)

"Shanti actually disrupted my nightly meditation routine. Just a rich, sweet, soothing incense that I couldnít concentrate on my breathing. All of these wonderful, intoxicating smells had me focusing too much on enjoying and analyzing my new-found love of Indian champas. On the back of the package, it says that honey is also one of the ingredients. That was one of the first things I picked up, along with the standard vanilla. Another thing that blew me away was how cheap it is. Japanese incense is expensive, even on the lower end aloes. Iím ordering the rest of the Motherís champas and canít wait to get my paws on them." (K.)

"Shanti Nagchampa itself is indeed the incense that smells the most like classic nag champa, although fortunately in this case something more like Bam Champa or the original halmaddi formulations of a decade ago. Perhaps this is the one that lets the mattipal speak the loudest as it seems to not only have the greater evergreen note but is redolent of cassia spice, adding up to a certain dryness thatís quite attractive. It certainly has me fairly nostalgic for the champa scents of old, that wet and intensely aromatic smell I remember from opening the old Satya blue box when it used to be good." (Olfactoryrescueservice blog)

Would you believe that someone has just come in [my shop] and bought up all of my remaining Nag Champa packs? She said it's the best she's ever had and she's terrified of running out of it!"( Alli from Enchanted in Burgess Hill, Sussex)

"I .... absolutely love your nag champa's." (Steve)

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