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lila Lila

Lila is a beautifully sweet, powdery crisp patchouli, blended with earthy vetiver and green and mossy oak, with a little spice. Our Indian friends call it "an open invitation to prosperity". Who would we be to argue?

If you love the understated, powdery patchouli in Lila, we can wholeheartedly recommend you try the Bhakti in our full India Fragrances range.

Lila sticks are now also available in a vegan version, with raw cane sugar instead of honey, but still with that deep, sweet fragrance. Vegan cones and ministicks will gradually become available too.


lila box of 20 sticks TMIFLI Lila 20 sticks heartplastic freevegan £ 3.50
lila box of 12 cones TMIFLICO Lila 12 cones £ 3.50
lila 12 ministicks TMIFLIMINI Lila 12 ministicks plastic free £ 1.50


heart= for every packet sold, we will give 5p to charity. plastic free= plastic free. vegan = suitable for vegans.


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