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the other india fragrances The Full India Fragrances range

Many of you have been reading the fabulous reviews that our India Fragrances get on various incense blogs (have a look here for example). We are very pleased that we are able to offer you a large range of these wonderful fragrances.

All the India fragrances come in packets of 20 sticks, and we now offer a gift box containing ministicks of nearly all these fragrances, so that you can try them all and find your favourite!

Most of our India Fragrances are now suitable for vegans, and the ones that are not yet, will be soon.

NEW! We are pleased to introduce you to our new fragrance 'Chandra', an aromatic frankincense and cedarwood incense with hints of jasmine and oudh. A beauty we think!

heart = for every packet sold, we will give 5p to charity.

plastic free= plastic free. vegan= suitable for vegans


giftbox 21 india fragrances

A gift box with 21 of our 'extended range' India Fragrances

We are very pleased to be able to offer you a brand new giftbox with (nearly*) all of our 'other' India Fragances. The box contains 21 small packets of incense, with 4 ministicks of each fragrance. The ministicks will burn for about 15 minutes each and allow you to have a little 'taste' of each fragrance so that you can find your favourite.

These are the fragrances in the box: agni, ananda, aravind, arjava, atma, bhakti, buddha, chandra (new!) , dhyana, govinda, hansa, jyoti, lakshmi, mauna, moksha, pavitra, radha, siddhartha, veda, vishnu and yajna.

TMIF21GB Gift box with 21 India Fragrances heartplastic freevegan £ 14.50



A subtle and luxurious musk-like fragrance with a hint of sweet, soft balsams. A perfect harmony of balsamic, floral and woody notes. Passionate and attractive.

TMIFAG Agni heartplastic free £ 3.95
ananda Ananda
A crisp, clean and sparkling aroma of fresh flowers and herbs that develops into an exceptionally sweet fragrance.

TMIFAN Ananda heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
aravind Aravind
A stunning combination of delicate and hypnotic Jasmine and Gardenia flowers, with a divine sweetness derived from Rose and the Indian Champaca flower.
TMIFARA Aravind heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
arjava Arjava
The smooth, soft and sweet fragrance of precious woody notes is paired with the most alluring Indian rose, to make this a subtle oriental fragrance of remarkable finesse.

TMIFAR Arjava heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
atma Atma
A sweet floral fragrance with Indian kewra,lavender, geranium and rose. The clean woody aroma of vetiver and sweet clove add an oriental note to this refreshing and elegant fragrance.

TMIFAT Atma heartplastic free £ 3.95
bhakti Bhakti
An fragrance of mellowed rose, crowned with sweet geranium and tuberose, muted with aged patchouli and with a woody undertone of Himalayan cedar wood. A divine fragrance. One of our favourites.

TMIFBH Bhakti heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
buddha Buddha
The Awakened Soul, an elevating woody fragrance with sandalwood, vetiver grass, pure patchouli and creamy balsams.

TMIFBU Buddha heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
chandra NEW! Chandra
Armatic frankincense and grounding cedarwood with hints of sensuous jasmine and opulent oudh. A clear and stunning fragrance!

TMIFCH Chandra heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
dhyana Dhyana
A rich woody fragrance with the classic elements of oli banum and sandalwood.

TMIFDH Dhyana heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
govinda Govinda
A playful floral mix of champaca flower, sweet roses, fresh neroli, lemongrass and ylang ylang.

TMIFGO Govinda heartplastic free £ 3.95
hansa Hansa
Rich amber and myrrh notes complemented by the fruity rose aroma of indian kewra and vetiver. Its fragrant oriental blend enhanced by kashmiri lavender, it is delightful and grounding.

TMIFHA Hansa heartplastic free £ 3.95
jyoti Jyoti
A harmonious blend of rich, balsamic benzoin, wild and musky oriental notes of myrrh, vetiver and patchouli and the fresh floral fragrance of natural kewda.

TMIFJY Jyoti heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
lakshmi Lakshmi
A mild version of our shanti nag champa fragrance, based on the sweet and cool golden champa. With its sandalwood, rose and jasmine, it creates an atmosphere for prayer and meditation.

TMIFLA Lakshmi heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
mauna Mauna
Mauna, meaning spiritual silence, is based on the rich temple fragrance of India and the wonderful golden Champa flower, with touches of sweet rose and rich sandalwood.

TMIFMA Mauna heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
moksha Moksha
A subtle oriental woody fragrance, with the intense aroma of kashmiri saffron, soft and citrusy rose petals and delicate lily of the valley. Graceful and charming like its flowers.

TMIFMO Moksha heartplastic free £3.95
pavitra Pavitra
An abundant floral bouquet of Jasmine, Turkish Rose, Neroli and fruity Ylang Ylang, well anchored in a base of earthy Amber and Orris balm.

TMIFPA Pavitra heartplastic free £ 3.95
purusha Purusha
A crisp blend of lavender and sage for rejuvenation and relaxation. Please note that Purusha is now part of our main range, under the name Aditi.

TMIFPU Purusha

heartplastic free

£ 3.50
radha Radha
A full Rose in the finest tradition of Rose incense. Sweet wild Indian white Rose, with layers of red and yellow Rose and a dash of Geranium, it is a very fine fragrance indeed.

TMIFRA Radha heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
siddhartha Siddhartha
A fresh mix of heavenly Ylang Ylang, cool Neroli, full Roses and charming Lilac, all carried on a minty Patchouli. Will it lead you to enlightenment?

TMIFSI Sidhartha heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95
veda Veda
A classic Nag Champa based on ancient fragrances, with Frankincense and other fine resins, and a dash of sweet honey.

TMIFVE Veda heartplastic free Sorry,out of stock
vishnu Vishnu
An enchanting aroma of exotic spices and sweet scents of the east. Saffron, oak moss and cedar wood with fresh citrus notes. A classic fragrance.

TMIFVI Vishnu heartplastic free £ 3.95
veda Yajna
A harmonious blend of lavender with the woody nagarmotha oil, with patchouli, oak moss and an earthy base. A smooth natural fragrance, it dries down to a clean and warm lavender scent.

TMIFYA Yajna heartplastic freevegan £ 3.95


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