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What other people say about our incense.....

I'd just like to send a quick message to your company letting you know how lovely your incense fragrances are! My name is W., I'm a [X]- year old who has bought a lot of incense in my years! Your scents are very unique and have lifted me from many dark times and average times to a much brighter mood! I would like you to know that I (along with many others) appreciate what you are all doing!


Thank you for my recent order which I have received. I just want to say that as a shopping experience you are one of the best online. The goods are always well packaged, on time and you always keep me informed. The ceramic incense holder is beautiful, so much so that my sister wants one as well so I shall soon be making another order.


I received my package this morning and can admit to lighting a Lakshmi in every room. Ahhhhh... Pure bliss.


Thank you for the wonderful magic box that I collected from the post today. It smells of Paradise. On go the Moody Blues cds and I'm heading for a chilled out afternoon.


I have two small sticks of Om burning in the background and Sattwa in another room, the fragrance is just heavenly. I have a feeling my supply is not going to last long....


Thank you for the most beautiful box arrived in the post. So pretty! I have just put on a small stick of shanti nag champa and it’s soooo divine!


Total pleasure! LOVE your stuff! Love the ethos, the charity side, the smell and now the pretty box it comes in! You are my preferred supplier now! Thank you!


I bought some incense this weekend at the Sunrise festival, and love it!


.... I love your incense, the quality is second to none ....


Recently bought a couple of packs of this incense [Ganesh] to try it out after using the well known blue box brand for many years. I have to say this tops any thing I've used before! Love the unique packing and the ideology behind the operation.


The order arrived yesterday, thank you very much. But WOW!! I love it when your parcels arrive as they’re just soooo smelly. Gorgeous! And – Sattva – where have you been all my life?! Now that’s what I call incense!


I received my order yesterday, and I am delighted with your incense. It was beautifully packaged and they smell wonderful, (...). I am working my way through all the fragrances, each one is such a treat. Thank you very much, I hope to be ordering some more very soon.


I really love your 'Mothers Fragrances' products, a real fragrance of India - just sends me back whenever I smell them.


I've just bought three packets of incense - Shanti Nag Champa, Prem and Ganesh. This is the best incense I've ever bought - and I've bought a lot in the past! I live in a big communal house and everyone who comes to my room says "Wow it smells amazing"! Thanks very much for making such nice incense, please don't change it, it's perfect as it is


Thank you for your prompt deliveries (...), also your beautiful packaging - highly delighted


I have been using your incense for about 3 years now (for meditation and when I do my Reiki treatments and workshops) and wouldn't use anything else (....). Both the quality and ethical status of your products is fantastic!


My other half thinks me a bit of a wrong'un, having a go at me during our lunch today over how excited I was getting. Apparently, they are only incenses!! PAH!


I have received my package and wanted to write and tell you how delighted I was with not only the contents but also the presentation. I felt like I was unwrapping a gift it was so beautifully packaged and would be happy to order some incense for family or friends and have it sent directly to them knowing that if this is the way it might arrive, then I could do no better myself. I don't usually do this kind of thing but I was so pleased I had to write and tell you.


The India fragrances really are FAR superior, lingering within the flat for hours after being burned. Sattva is now my favourite for its clean sweetness. So I cannot go back to ANY other home fragrances at all, forever!!! Count me in now as a life long customer and supporter of Greater Goods :o)


I have recently discovered your wonderful range of incense, which are some of the finest I have indulged in, and far superior to others in many ways.


After trying one of the mini samples you kindly enclosed together with the few boxes for our magazine competition, I have to say they are probably the best fragrances of incense I have tried. Your great work to help different charities and to guarantee good working conditions for these women in India is for me another good excuse to buy my incense from your company.


I felt that I had to write and thank you for the orders of incense. I have ordered several times now from you and I have found every time - the delivery is VERY quick the incense is wonderful the price is good thank you . . .


Received with gracious thanks and once again all in the world is good! .


Having had a birthday present of a few items from your range last week, I find the fragrances etc...are just what I love.


I bought some of your wonderful Mother's Fragrance the other day at Evolution in Ipswich and I could not believe how wonderful it was, it's far superior to anything I've had in the past....


We had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party themed party over the weekend at my flat, playing Jefferson Airplane and really making good use of the 'Ganesh' and 'Shanti Nagchampa' fragrances. My, what compliments the fragrances received! Guests who were not fans of 'Indian incense-y' smells were so pleasantly surprised and complimentary of the fragrances - they really went down a treat.


I do love my incense! Thank you. I just wanted to acknowledge the great service that I seem to regularly receive from you - beautifully wrapped beautifull incense, and flawlessly prompt delivery.


Just a little note to say how much I love your incense. I have ordered from you twice now and both times have really brought me joy. When I open the boxes I feel a wonderful upliftment. It is filled with love and the vibration is so sincere. Thank you for whatever you are doing.


I received the goods this morning, in perfect order. Ganesh is burning now...and it is really amazing! I think I'll do next order soon!


You have the best incense in the whole world!


I received my Patchouli and Nag Champa incense earlier this week, first time I have experienced Patchouli and I love it! Nags fantasmigorical as standard!


I’ve long been a great fan of scented smoke, be it joss sticks or “proper” grain incense, much to the chagrin of my mother who thought it must be something to do with hash… I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to it. I don’t think I can count how many brands I have tried.

The incense from Greater goods ticks all the right boxes for me. Beautful scents, not too smokey, long burning, reliably combustible and more important yet, fair trade. If you have a look at their website you will discover they do great things in the world of workers’ rights and so on, and this adds extra sweetness to their incense. Many joss stick companies use children and the conditions are appalling.

For all this, you might expect a massive extra in the price range. Not so. They’re about the same price as any incense stick bought at your local bing-bong shop (s0 called because of the cacophany of windchimes usually hung outside!).

I had an article published this time last year on the use of aromatics in a sacred context in the magazine Sacred Hoop and I am in the slow process of writing a book of meditations using aromatics of all sorts, including incense. Incorporating scented smoke into your life, whether for prayer, relaxation or simply for pleasure and air freshening is a very rewarding experience and using incense from Greater Goods, it means it will also be rewarding for those who make it too."




Just received my parcel:-) Thank you for making it a quick delivery and for packing it with care. I couldn't resist lighting the Shanti Nag Champa Incense and true to it's word it fills your home with so much of peace and tranquility. I have tried the famous satya nag champa incense, but prefer your incense over them.



Always such a pleasure to receive your lovely good and I never hesitate to recommend your site to all my friends!


I've been a customer of your incense for some time and I have tried the new Ganesha incense.
It is absolutely delicious!!!! It reminds me of India.
Congratulations and I'm going to spread the word!


I really love the Mother's Fragrances incense.


Every once in a while I order incense from you. And It always comes so quickly and is wrapped so beautifully and everything is handwritten with care. I just wanted to say that as a customer I really appreciate this. It is a joy to buy from a company that puts so much care into the selling of their product. It feels like I am actually dealing with real people unlike most internet orders that are probably completely processed by machine.


I first came across the Mother India Shanti Nag Champa at a Health Show. It really is the most beautiful incense I have ever use and surpasses all other brands of Nag Champa. As soon as I light it, the stressed-out day at work just disappears-it's bliss. No wonder it's called Peace!



I am very impressed with the incense sticks - the packaging is beautiful and they seem to be extremely good quality; I should know, I have been using incense at home for over 20 years and am ALWAYS on the lookout for good products.

I was prompted to visit your website on the basis of the lovely incense order, and just wanted to say how impressed I am with the ethics of your incense production.  It was lovely reading up about the way the incense is made, and the benefits to the workers there.  How inspirational!

I will aim to try and order my incense from you in the future, as I would be happy to support a company such as yourselves.



I have not enjoyed burning incense so much in years as all the fragrances are great… my husband even burns them these days! Thanks for a superb service



Since using your fragrances, nothing else will do.



Thank you so much for my incense which arrived safely this morning. I'm so impressed with the sample pack. All those different fragrances in one box and so beautifully packaged. Also thank you for the Nag Champa, its some of the best I've come across, absolutely gorgeous!

I first discovered the mother's fragrances around 10 years ago. I remember buying a box each of Evening Rose, Amber and Wildflower cones. They had to last me a long time, because no matter where I went I could never find them for sale. So I was really chuffed when I found your website, even more so to discover that these three fragrances are still available along with so many more.



I recieved my order at the start of the week and i have to say your incense is great. I have been using incense for quite a while now and noticed that at certain times (when i was run down usually) burning incense would actually give me a headache. I stumbled upon your site and noticed in the feedback section somebody else seemed to be having the same problem. They were right, with your incense the fragrances are so delicate and not at all overpowering that i haven't experienced a headache yet.

So yeah, cheers for a great product and great customer service, it's nice to see a business that cares.



Just to let you know that my package arrived safely and I am delighted with everything ..... Not only do they smell wonderful but they are the only ones I can use - others make my eyes sting and/or give me a sneezing fit! Thank you again - it's been a pleasure doing business and I shall certainly be recommending you to anyone who will listen!



Just a note to send a big thank you, and try and express how pleased and impressed with your great service and products! I am totally delighted with my order, received today (very fast too), and among others the sampling box is even better than I thought. Keep up the good work, I'll be coming back!



I just love your 21 stick sampler, its so wonderful!



It has been about 10 years since I have bought incense sticks, I stopped buying them because they were so overpowering and they gave us a headache. But The Mothers Fragrance incense sticks have a gentle, natural smell which we loved. My 7 year old was fascinated with them!



My friend recently used your vanilla incense when i was at her house - and i loved it - not as overpowering as some incense can be!



I have just received some incense I had ordered from you (the mixed pack of 21x4 stick and 1 pack of Orange Blossom) and I just wanted you to know that I thought they were absolutly great. Scented perfectly! I am really impressed! I will be ordering more soon.



I just want to know how delighted I am at your fantastically quick response. The incense sticks have arrived this morning and they're just wonderful!



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