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india fragrances The Mother's India Fragrances:

Our Mother's India Fragrances are special: based on traditional Indian Fragrances, so much stronger than our other incense, and made with the very best ingredients: a wide range of aromatic gums, wood powders, essential oils and perfumes, as well as a resin called halmaddi. (more info..

Setting a new standard for high quality incense, they have been called 'the the finest short line in all of Indian incense today' and 'works of art on every level' (*). We invite you to try!

heartCharity Donation: The Mother's India Fragrances are our most popular line of incense, and we are very keen to pass this success on. We also know that a little bit of money goes a long way in this world, and that is why we make a 5p donation to charity for each packet of full size sticks of India Fragrances sold. (more info...)

lila shanti nag champa ganesh sattva
NEW! lila shanti nag champa ganesh sattva
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prem om rishi amrita
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yoga oudh the 'other' India Fragrances

(*)The Mother's India Fragrances incense has received rave reviews on the ORS incense blog.

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