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link to the mother's india fragrancesThe Mothers India Fragrances
Aditi Amrita
Ganesh Lila
Meera Om
Oudh Prem
Rishi Sattva
Shanti NC Yoga
More!...the full India Fragrances range
link to the mother's fragrancesThe Mothers Fragrances
Amber Autumn Leaves
Cinnamon + Spice Evening Rose
Frankincense Gardenia
Honeysuckle Jasmine
Lavender Lotus
Musk Myrrh
Opium Orange Blossom
Patchouli Passion Flower
Rose Roses and Violets
Spicewood Vanilla
Wild Flowers
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Cinnamon + Spice Frankincense
Jasmine Lavender
Lotus Orange Blossom
Patchouli Rose

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Help feed a family for £2.70...... and Greater Goods will double your donation!feeding india imags

As you may know, the Indian government has implemented a 21-day lockdown to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the country. This is causing serious hardship for millions of daily wage labourers and their families, whose lives were hard and precarious even before the lockdown.

Zomato Feeding India is a not for profit organisation that has a network of nearly 25000 volunteers helping to distribute to families in need. They are looking to raise funds to provide basic food ingredients to 250.000 poor families. A food parcel for one family for a week only costs £5.40.

So please add a £2.70 donation to your order. Greater Goods will top it up to £5.40 * and send the money to Zomato. A big "Thank you" or rather "Dhanyabaad"!

The Mother's (India) Fragrances incense is special!

Incense made with only natural ingredients, hand blended and hand rolled from resins, pure essential oils, floral perfumes and a delicate blend of scented flowers, leaves, charcoal and wood powders. No dipping!

This age-old masala method of making incense avoids the use of chemicals, and creates a light, clean burning incense that creates a minimum of smoke and slowly spreads a gentle aroma. Enjoy the difference!

And what's more, all our products are Fair Trade
and the Mother's India Fragrances come
with a donation to charity.

Welcome to the world of The Mother's Fragrances!

New! Our range of 12 India Fragrances is now available in a vegan version.
Using no honey, the deep, sweet fragrance is instead created by using raw cane sugar.

We're chuffed to be able to bring these to you, and would love to know what you think!

Vegan India Fragrances Meera Giftbox 12 India Fragrances The Other India Fragrances
New! Vegan versions of our 12 India Fragrances! We know many of you have been waiting for them! Meera is a full bodied classical Indian fragrance, based on a traditional fragrance called Heena. It's a gem! A giftbox with all 12 of our standard Mother's India Fragrances. A giftbox with all the fragrances in our full range of India Fragances. The box contains 21 small packets of incense, with 4 ministicks of each fragrance.
the other India Fragrances India Fragrances fan Link to incense holders Sachets
Looking for more of our India Fragrances? Please meet the full range of our India Fragrances. They are all beautiful, a treasure trove for incense lovers! Our India Fragrances fan contains ministicks of all 12 fragrances. It is the perfect gift! Complement your order with one of our incense holders. We have a lovely little range from India and Kenya. There are times and places when using our incense is just not handy, and that is where our fragranced sachets come in!
Fair Trade Charity feedback Incense holders
Good jobs; decent wages, secure employment, pleasant working conditions, a sponsored savings scheme, a bicycle scheme, medical insurance and maternity leave, and an advance on wages if needed. It's how we roll!. We donate 5 pence from the sale of every packet of full length India Fragrances sticks to charity. In 2018 all these 5p's put together paid for no less than 3 new wells in villages in Mali. What other people say about our incense... Would you like to stock The Mother's (India) Fragrances incense in your shop? Get in touch.

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