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Incense Giftsets

Incense makes a beautiful gift, to others and to yourself. Here you will find gift sets based on the mini sticks and cones. The mini sticks allow you to have a little 'taste' of each fragrance so that you can find your favourite. A fab way too to introduce a friend to the gentle joys of The Mother's (India) Fragrances.

Please let us know if your order of one of our gift sets is a present for someone. If so, we will package it separately from the rest of your order, in one of our lovely marbled boxes. We are also always happy to put in a little note with your message.


giftbox 21 india fragrances NEW! A gift box with 21 of our 'other' India Fragrances

We are very pleased to be able to offer you a brand new giftbox with (nearly*) all of our 'other' India Fragances. The box contains 21 small packets of incense, with 4 ministicks of each fragrance. The ministicks will burn for about 15 minutes each and allow you to have a little 'taste' of each fragrance so that you can find your favourite.

The 21 fragrances are: agni, ananda, aravind, arjava, atma, bhakti, buddha, dhyana, govinda, hansa, jyoti, lakshmi, mauna, moksha, pavitra, purusha, radha, siddhartha, veda, vishnu and yajna.

TMIF21GB Gift box with 21 India Fragrances Sorry, out of stock



* the only fragrance in the range not in the giftbox is Sattwa.


The Mother's India Fragrances Fan

Our bestselling India Fragrances so beautifully turned into a gift set. The fan contains a packets of mini sticks of each of the ten (standard) Mother's India Fragrances, with 6 ministicks each. Small price, fab smell, we love it!

The ten fragrances in the fan are: amrita, sattva, lila, yoga, om, shanti nag champa, ganesh, prem, rishi and oudh.


TMIFFAN India Fragrances Fan Sorry, out of stock





giftset all fragrances with holder All you need for a full introduction to The Mother's Fragrances and the Mother's India Fragrances:

- a gift box with 4 ministick of all 21 Mother's Fragrances
- a packet of 12 ministicks of each of the ten Mother's India Fragrances
- a ceramic incense holder in orange, blue, turquoise or yellow. Please let us know if you have a preference.

TMFGSTOT Giftset all fragrances with holder £ 22.00




giftbox 21 fragrances This popular gift box contains 21 small packets of incense, one of each fragrance. Each packet has 4 mini sticks that burn for about 10 minutes. This is a wonderful way to try all our 21 Mother's Fragrances.

The fragrances in the box are; amber, autumn leaves, cinnamon and spice, evening rose, frankincense, gardenia, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, lotus, musk, myrrh, orange blossom, opium, patchouli, passion flower, rose, roses and violets, spicewood, wild flowers.

TMF21GB Giftbox 21 fragrances £ 8.00






Gift set 21 fragrances with holder A lovely gift: a gift box with 4 mini sticks of each of The Mother's Fragrances, plus a small ceramic incense holder, all neatly gift wrapped.

TMF21GS Giftset 21 Fragrances with holder £ 9.00





giftbox 12 fragrancesThis gift box contains 4 mini sticks each of 12 bestselling Mother's Fragrances. A nice little box with a nice little price.

The 12 fragrances in the box are: amber, autumn leaves, cinnamon and spice, jasmine, lavender, lotus, musk, opium, patchouli, roses and violets, spicewood, and vanilla.

TMF12GB Giftbox with 12 Fragrances £ 6.00




If you'd like more than one of an item, you can specify the quantity you want on the Shopping Basket page.



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