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Greater Goods and Fair Trade

Greater Goods is a Fair Trade company. And that means that the makers of our products get a fair deal.

This includes well paid and safe jobs in a safe working environment free from discrimination, child labour and forced labour. Those are the very basics. And then, the organisations we work with do a bit more: by helping workers to grow as people and develop their businesses and their skills,and through support for local charitable organisations.

And we pull our weight too, with advance payments, help in product design, good prices and long term trading relations. We also try to make our environmental footprint as small as possible. We try to be fair to our customers too, through fair prices and good customer service.

Fair Trade is a powerful way to make the world just a little bit better, to connect with the people who make the products that we use and to give due respect to the men and women who work so hard to provide for their families.

These are the organisations that supply our products:


mcc The Mother's Commerce Company in Puducherry, India

The Mother's Commerce Company makes all our incense products, sachets, as well as our wooden items. It is a small privately owned company set up nearly 40 years ago, specifically to counter the unemployment among local women. The company now employs around 125 women, who have a very good job. They are well paid and have a pleasant work environment with decent working hours. They have medical insurance and a company-sponsored savings scheme and can take part in a bicycle project.

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zoggs Zoggs in Swaziland

Zoggs makes our brightly coloured paper mache bowls, piggy banks, hearts and stars. It is a small privately owned company and employs 8 local women, who on average each support 8 dependants with their wages. All products are made from waste or recycled material.

Zoggs is a member of Swaziland Fair Trade (SWIFT).


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Tapisseries La Mere in Puducherry, India

Tapisseries La Mere (TLM) is a part of The Mother's Commerce Company, the company that makes our incense. TLM employs around 12 people, again mainly women, who are trained to be skilled weavers. They work in a pleasant, spacious environment, receive a good pay, also during the training period, have medical insurance, can take part in a savings scheme and a bike scheme.

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undugu Undugu Fair Trade in Kenya

Undugu was set up over 40 years ago to support street children in Kenya, but it soon became apparent that the problem of street children was part of a much larger problem: that of abject poverty, and Undugu Fair Trade was started to try and address this issue.

Our soapstone products are made by artisans in the East of Kenya, working for Undugu Fair Trade. Undugu helps them with good and prompt payment for their work, a sponsored savings scheme, the development of their business and life skills, help with product design and access to international markets.

Undugu Fair Trade writes: "The impact that Undugu has made on the members are seen far and wide in terms of meeting their daily needs, parents' ability to take their children to good schools, building modern houses, diversification into new income sources, the capacity to supply other market participants among other impact areas."

Undugu is a member of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation).

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