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 fragranced sachets Fragranced Sachets

With The Mother's Fragrances Sachets you can take your favourite fragrances anywhere. Use them in your car, in the office, in the drawers of your cupboards, under your pillow, or in the pocket of your coat. A little loop helps you to hang them.

The Mother's Fragrances Sachets are made using only natural materials. Delicate fragrances and wood powders create a long lasting fragrance.

The Mother's Fragrances Sachets are available in nine fragrances: cinnamon and spice, frankincense, jasmine, lavender, lotus, orange blossom, patchouli, rose and vanilla.

vegan = suitable for vegans.



Cinnamon and Spice

Cinnamon and Spice is a warm and sweet, delicate musk scent. It is the warm and happy fragrance of cinnamon combined with a wealth of spices. One of our most popular fragrances.

TMFSACI Sachet Cinnamon and Spice vegan sorry, out of stock




Frankincense is a classic sweet yet woody fragrance. It is grouding, calming and earthy. Frankincense can help with depression and anxiety.

TMFSAFR Sachet Frankincense vegan sorry, out of stock




Soft and mild, jasmine is the fragrance of purity. Jasmine is a little dry and green, pleasant and soothing. Jasmine calmes the nerves, and can help in times of stress.

TMFSAJA Sachet Jasmine vegan sorry, out of stock




Lavender is one of our mildest fragrances, it is fresh, a little dry and has a calming effect. Many people use lavender to have a restful sleep.

TMFSALA Sachet Lavender vegan sorry, out of stock




Lotus is floral and sweet, but with a heavier note. Lotus is inspiring and uplifting.

TMFSALO Sachet Lotus vegan sorry, out of stock



Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom is a slightly heavier floral fragrance, with a fresh hint of citrus. It is dreamy scent for the evening.

TMFSAOB Sachet Orange Blossom vegan sorry, out of stock




The strong and unmistakable fragrance of patchouli leaves, softened with a hint of rose and enriched with a variety of herbs.

TMFSAPA Sachet Patchouli vegan sorry, out of stock




The soft and sweet fragrance of red roses, combined with just a little hint of mint to keep it fresh.

TMFSARO Sachet Rose vegan sorry, out of stock




A rich, sweet mix of vanilla, heliotrope and just a hint of rose. It is complete, full and happy.

TMFSAVA Sachet Vanilla vegan £ 3.00





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