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Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” - Arundhati Roy

At Greater Goods we believe that humanity has the potential to create a world that is free from poverty in all its forms and where people live in harmony with each other and with the natural world. And we think businesses can and must help to fulfill that potential.

So while doing business, we try to do what is right for people and planet, try to empower others to do the same, and work with those who share our passion for a greener and a fairer future. Because we all need to step up, for better business, better lives and a better world.

We know that a little bit of money can go a long way in this world, and that is why we donate 5p for every packet of full length sticks of India Fragrances sold to charities that work with and for the poorest.

charity heart On this site, you can recognize the products that come with the 5p donation by the little heart symbol.

This is what we have done so far and and with your help, we will achieve much more!.


- We were very pleased to be able to help finance new wells in the Malian villages of Batrou and Karakamba, working with the the Joliba Trust ( Batrou's only well was destroyed in the flooding that struck Mali in 2019 and Karakamba has had a long term water crisis. These wells will transform the lives of the villagers and as these wells are financed from the sales of our Mother's India Fragrances incense, we would like to pass on a hearty 'thank you' to all our customers! These are the 6th and 7th well that are being built with your wonderful support!.


beni in kathmandumilaap- The Coronavirus crisis has led to enormous problems for the world's poor. With the kind and generous help of our customers, we have been able to send a nice sum of money to two organisations that are working to help some of the poorest through this crisis in Tamil Nadu (India) and Nepal.




mountain people coat distributionmountain people blanket distribution- Mountain People / The Steps Foundation does great work with the poorest in Nepal and we were happy to help with some funds for their annual distribution of blankets and coats among the elderly in a remote rural area.








tree in mali - Since July 2019 we have been paying for a tree to be planted in Mali for every order we receive and to offset all our carbon emissions. We are pleased to have teamed up with the Joliba Trust ( for this tree planting drive. For the year 2019-2020 we have facilitated the planting of more than 10000 trees. The capacity of these trees to absorb CO2 dwarfs Greater Goods' carbon emissions, and that is just how we like it!

Trees in the Sahel grow remarkably fast and are very good at sequestering carbon. Not only that, they provide food, medicine, animal fodder, improve the soil and the micro climate, and give people the opportunity to start a small business in shea butter, honey or other forest products.




milaap- Through Kiva and Milaap, two peer-to-peer lending platforms, we have part-financed loans to more than 20 small businesses. You can view our Milaap portfolio here, and our Kiva portfolio here.





tree in mali- In 2019 we financed the construction of a brand new well in the village of Neni-Ningueme in Mali. This small village has seen an influx of refugees from elsewhere in the country, and the locals have gracefully shared their resources with the newcomers.

One of the refugees, Yatemelou Perou, said: " I fled from the village of Djimdéma with my family. As soon as we arrived we were made very welcome here and everyone has done their best for us. We have been given grain, some oil, sugar soap, utensils for cooking, and accommodation. Our only problem now is water. The village does not have enough water for its own needs, so things are much worse with us (the people who have been displaced there) and our children. There is hardly any water in the well here and I’m very worried that if the problem continues we will feel obliged to leave the village in order not to aggravate such a lack of water and make things worse. We have been made so welcome here and do not wish to be a burden to our hosts."

Greater Goods' donation paid for the technical support and the materials needed to build a new well. The local men have given their time and labour to dig the new well, which was finished in early 2020. The President of the Women’s Association in Néni-Ningueme was interviewed after the completion of the well and said: "I am very happy that a cement well has been built in our village. We have suffered from insufficient water which was creating conflicts between us and the displaced people that moved to our village. Their arrival accentuated our water problems. Thanks to Joliba, the misunderstanding rapidly disappeared. [..] Since I was born, I have never known there to be enough water as we have had this year. We have plenty of water now. Today we are living in very good terms with the displaced people and we don’t mind them being here at all. In addition, nearly all the children had diarrhoea and dysentery until this year and the well has eliminated most of these illnesses."

cyclone idai- In March 2019 we donated £300 to the Disaster Emergency Committee for the victims of cyclone Idai, which devastated large parts of Mozambique, Malawi and Cyclone Idai has ravaged parts of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in what the UN says could be the worst weather-related disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere.



annapurna in front of her shop- Through Kiva and Milaap we supported nearly 100 small businesses, mostly run by women, helping them to access micro finance loans. To the right is a picture of Annapurna from Odhisha, who received a loan to expand her grocery business. Our emphasis is on women, enterprise development and of course, India.






growing vegetables in mali- In 2018, we used the money from our pot of 5p's for the building of wells in three villages in Mali: Eguela Leye, Singama and Dianbourou. All three wells have been finished and have transformed the lives of the people living there. Caroline from the Joliba Trust wrote: " ...there has never been a greater need for well-building. Women need more than ever a safe access to water, and a well provides some means of making a living, growing vegetables and keeping livestock when people's economy has been so badly affected by instability and conflict."




annapurna in front of her shop- Through Kiva and Milaap we supported just over 80 small businesses, mostly run by women, helping them to access micro finance loans. To the right is a picture of Maloti from West Bengal, who received a loan to expand her grocery business.




annapurna in front of her shop- “Today we thank you for having helped us to build the well and transform our village into a living village, where the meal is on time, where we can buy all that we need, and where there are vegetables at any time.”

These are the words of Noumacoyé Arama, a member of the women’s association in the village of Séhé Koura in Mali.In 2017, the contents of the 5p kitty were sufficient to pay for a new well in the village of Séhé Koura in Mali, which had been without a functioning well for quite a few years. And life in the village has been transformed as a result!

“We were able to build our well thanks to you putting an end to the water crisis in our village. This water crisis made us women poor because the water chore alone took up 5 hours of our time during the day. We had to walk 6km back and forth for the water. When we had no water we could not raise any income for ourselves. […] Today we have enough water in our village thanks to you. Not only are our needs met, but we can grow tomatoes, okra, eggplant, chili and cassava. Before we washed once a week because there was not enough water, and today it is once a day. Before our children could not enjoy the lessons at school because they had to help us in the water chore. Today in less than an hour I have the amount of water I need.”

shanti in her shop- Through Kiva and Milaap we supported nearly just over 40 small businesses, mostly run by women, helping them to access micro finance loans. To the right is a picture of Shanti from Odisha who received a loan to expand her tiffin shop.




Before 2017

Altine- In 2016 we made a general contribution to the Joliba Trust. Some of it was used to buy sustainable beehives:

This is Altine from the village of Orowara in Mali. She is the president of the local Women's Beekeepers Association. Altine's wish list featured 10 more beehives for women keen to join her association. The ladies would also like to go on a soapmaking course. And thanks to the 5p donations that we make with every packet of India Fragrances sold, Altine and her friends will get their 10 new beehives, and their soapmaking course. And there is money left over for the Joliba Trust to fund some more of their wonderful projects.


joliba midwifeIn 2012 and 2014, the 5p donations allowed us to make a sizeable donation to their midwifery scheme. The Joliba Trust has used the money to set up midwifery training in an area where women previously had no access to maternal health services.

Caroline from the trust wrote: "I have now heard back from our Field Director, and the women are so happy to hear the news about their training, and say that although they are still very weak from the food crisis that this is a really important priority for them, and that they have the strength to do the training. So many, many thanks. Fulani women have high maternal mortality, and no women give birth with a trained assistant.  Your funding will make a huge difference."




Baby Sarah's- Baby Sarah's is a children's home in Pondicherry that looks after 110 children and young adults with complex mental and physical needs.

We made a donation to them from the 5p kitty in 2011, 2014 and 2016.

They write: "We are very grateful and thankful to you for your service to our home. The service you did to us may not be a big thing for you, but to us it is a big help. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your support"





vietnamplus logo

- Mekong Plus promotes community development in poor rural areas of Vietnam and Cambodia. Focus is put on strong participation of everyone and on training.

In 2012 we sent them a donation, which was gratefully received. Bernard from Mekong Plus wrote: "Thank you very much for your donation. This will help our programs a great deal. With this amount we can provide, for example, 2 new microcredits; this program has shown impressive results in reducing extreme poverty".

Santosha Nanban picture

- Santosha Nanban means "Happy Friends". It is an orphanange run by Belgian Philippe and his Tamil wife Manglorine. The home is a safe haven for street children, rag pickers and runaways. They provide a permanent home to about a dozen children, and a larger number of children are fed, clothed and educated in a safe environment while Santhosha Nanban tries to rehabilitate them and reconciliate them with their families.

Santhosha Nanban used our 2011 donation to buy books for the children.



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