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Paper Mache from Swaziland

We are very pleased to introduce a new line of products, made in Swaziland. The colourful range includes bowls, piggy banks, hearts and stars. All made out of recycled and waste materials. What is not to love!

All products are made by a friendly team of eight women, you can read more about their wonderful craft here.


We think these bowls are awesome! Lovingly made out of paper mache, moulded on a balloon and then dried and painted, these bowls are brightly decorated on the outside, and have a polka dot decoration on the inside. All are slightly different... delightfully handmade! How do we love them... let us count the ways!

The bowls are 19-20 cm in diameter and 11-12 cm high. They are not suitable for food or liquids, and need to be cleaned with a cloth. Use them for decorative purposes only.



yellow bowl Paper Mache Bowl in Yellow (purple inside) £ 12.50
red bowl Paper Mache Bowl in Red (dark blue inside) Sorry, sold out
green bowl Paper Mache Bowl in Green (light blue inside) £ 12.50
orange bowl Paper Mache Bowl in Orange (yellow inside) £ 12.50
blue bowl Paper Mache Bowl in Blue (orange inside) £ 12.50



pigsWe love the piggy banks. Bold, happy little piggies in bright colours, with a large slot for the cash. They are traditional piggies: you save your pennies, and when the piggy is full, you have to smash it *.

The piggies come in a wide range of bright colours, and if you have preference for a certain colour, please let us know. They are around 11 cm long and 9cm high.

* or you can try and get your money out by holding the piggy upside down.

ZO2 Paper Mache piggy bank Sorry, out of stock




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