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well joliba Charity

We know that a little bit of money can go a long way in this world, and that is why we make a 5p donation for every packet of full length sticks of The Mother's India Fragrances we sell. The money is going to small charities that work with some of the poorest people.

charity heart On this site, you can recognize the products that come with the 5p donation by the little heart symbol.



The Joliba Trust

Joliba Trust supports grassroots development work with farming and cattle-raising communities in some of the most marginal areas of Mali. Its particular focus is on projects to help women, and environmental work to sustain rural livelihoods.

In 2017 all the 5p's from the sale of our India Fragrances have added up to a considerable sum and we have donated sufficient funds for Joliba to finance the building of a sturdy well in the village of Sèhé Koura.

Ankono Arama, the village chief says:" The village had a traditional well which was built by my father. It had sehecouraabundant water which was sufficient for everyone. However the population has increased so we are now about 400 people and about 800 livestock. The mud walls are now collapsing and falling into the well, filling it up, so there is now almost no water. Every year we were re-digging it and repairing the walls, but this has been judged no longer safe. We tried to build a new traditional well to reduce the water crisis in our village, but even with Godís help we never arrived at the water table. We would like to restore and rebuild our original well but we need technical help for this as the diameter is now more than 8 metres and it is unstable. We are afraid to go down the well in case it falls in on us. We have written to Joliba to ask for help. For three years we have been living in a water crisis. Our livestock have been sent to Dahina. We have a lovely site and soil for growing vegetables. The women used to be able to grow pimentos, onions, aubergines, and Okra. For three years we have no longer been able to eat vegetables as there is nothing to water the vegetable gardens with."

sehecouraFatoumata Arama is a Community Health Worker in the village. She says: "I have been a health worker here for 4 years. The main struggle since I arrived has been fighting infant mortality. The main problem in the village is the lack of a proper well. I have done a lot of awareness raising work on how important it is to drink clean water. I noticed that every child from 1-3 years old had dysentery and diarrhea and I was sure this was due to the dirty water. I encouraged the women to filter the water and to use some bleach in their water jars. This has had a positive result. Some women now go to other villages to collect water. But you see with all the chores the women have to do winnowing and pounding millet, cleaning their courtyards, collecting firewood, preparing food and collecting water, the women have no rest at all and no time to do anything else and they are exhausted."


The money donated will pay for the materials and technical assistance needed, and for hygiene training. The men of Sèhé Koura are working for free to dig the well. They are expected to find water at a depth of around 24 metres. As of early November 2017, they had reached a depth of 17 metres.


AltineIn 2016 we made a general contribution to Joliba's Funds. Some of it was used to buy sustainable beehives:

This is Altine from the village of Orowara in Mali. She is the president of the local Women's Beekeepers Association. Altine's wish list featured 10 more beehives for women keen to join her association. The ladies would also like to go on a soapmaking course. And thanks to the 5p donations that we make with every packet of India Fragrances sold, Altine and her friends will get their 10 new beehives, and their soapmaking course. And there is money left over for the Joliba Trust to fund some more of their wonderful projects.




joliba midwifeIn 2012 and 2014, the 5p donations allowed us to make a sizeable donation to their midwifery scheme. The Joliba Trust has used the money to set up midwifery training in an area where women previously had no access to maternal health services.

Caroline from the trust wrote: "I have now heard back from our Field Director, and the women are so happy to hear the news about their training, and say that although they are still very weak from the food crisis that this is a really important priority for them, and that they have the strength to do the training. So many, many thanks. Fulani women have high maternal mortality, and no women give birth with a trained assistant.  Your funding will make a huge difference."




Baby Sarah'sBaby Sarah's

Baby Sarah's is a children's home in Pondicherry that looks after 110 children and young adults with complex mental and physical needs.

We made a donation to them in 2011, 2014 and 2016.

They write: "We are very grateful and thankful to you for your service to our home. The service you did to us may not be a big thing for you, but to us it is a big help. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your support"





vietnamplus logoMekong Plus

Mekong Plus promotes community development in poor rural areas of Vietnam and Cambodia. Focus is put on strong participation of everyone and on training.

In 2012 we sent them a donation, which was gratefully received. Bernard from Mekong Plus wrote: "Thank you very much for your donation. This will help our programs a great deal. With this amount we can provide, for example, 2 new microcredits; this program has shown impressive results in reducing extreme poverty".

Santosha Nanban pictureSanthosha Nanban

Santosha Nanban means "Happy Friends". It is an orphanange run by Belgian Philippe and his Tamil wife Manglorine. The home is a safe haven for street children, rag pickers and runaways. They provide a permanent home to about a dozen children, and a larger number of children are fed, clothed and educated in a safe environment while Santhosha Nanban tries to rehabilitate them and reconciliate them with their families.

In 2011 Santhosha Nanban used our donation to buy books for the children.



On top of this, and outside the 5p donations fund, Greater Goods is building up a bit of a portfolio on KIVA and its India-only equivalent MILAAP, because you've got to pay it forward!



Milaap helps you raise money, lend a little or donate to the causes and projects you care about. All its projects are in India, and it is run from India.


You can view our Milaap portfolio here.



Kiva has a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Using the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to entrepreneurs in poor countries.

You can view our portfolio here. Bear with us as we build it up, we aim for one loan a month. The emphasis will be on women, ethical investment, and of course, India.

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